How to convert old binary MediaWiki tables to UTF-8

I’ve been using Mediawiki for a long time now. One problem about it is binary tables created by very old (~year 2007) version of MediaWiki, text columns are latin1 encoding and latin1_bin collation. If you try to run them with current version of MediaWiki, you get following error:
Illegal mix of collations (latin1_bin,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '=' ()
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New theme for Rockbox

For those who use Rockbox for iBasso DX90: here’s my new theme called CabbieBasso.

Studio site update

Yay! New version of site is ready and launched. Upload of portfolio entries is still in progress. English version is not available yet, but you can follow our twitter: ajamstudio.

Launched Musiq.Ru, a new music social network

Just a few days we launched first beta version of our new music social network: Musiq.Ru. Now it’s being actively tested by some people, and when we’ll be fully satisfied with it’s quality, there’ll be final release. But you can test it if you are interested and you can speak russian :)

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Fix Paging plugin for WordPress

WordPress 3.1 update broken paging for catalogs and tags of my wordpress sites. Some gave cycled redirects and some redirected to error 404 page. Many people complained about the same problem.

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We’ve just launched playboard site for Dubna city (moscow region).
Now I’m finishing one outsource project and moving towards our absolutely new project. By the way, our sites’ visits number grow is over 55% per month now. The numbers are very optimistic for such a little and young studio as our one.

Russian blog

Now you can read my second blog in russian language.
Update: i’m going back to my english blog now and going to discontinue russian one.

One more site

One more site goes to my web developement portfolio:, online shop for expensive cellular phones. It’s not filled yet, I’ve just uploaded it with test data.
I still can’t find some time to make our studio’s site. Too busy.

New world of warcraft blog

We made some warcraft blogs, but now it’s the time for one big blog: Skilled players will share their experience in russian language.

Aquawiki got a new design

Our aquarium wiki project,, got a new design and lots of content. Now it features over 500 articles and it grows.