Official rockbox port for DX90

Now official Rockbox has sound with DX90. I’ve compiled, tested and fixed it for everyone. You can find binaries here.


  1. John says:

    Hi Nap
    I got situation with My DX90. I play with the DX90, and accidentally let the it only show Rockbox manual interface, and the normal interface has gone, now I can’t play music,can’t connect to computer(the PC does not recognize DX90 anymore). How can I recover to normal working condition?

    Many thanks

    • Nap says:

      I am not sure if I got your point right. You can switch to stock player in dual boot menu. To see it turn on your DAP with Hold switch on.
      If you flashed your player and got a brick, search for rkflashtool. You may need to read a lot. Make sure you got a good understanding of process before taking any actions.

  2. Oj says:

    I am assuming this is the same processas for the dx 50, is that correct?

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