Eduard Kutuev

Current location: Dubna, Russia


Programming: PHP.
Databases: MySQL, Oracle Berkeley DB.
Networks: distributed systems, load balancing, security fundamentals.
Languages: perfect Russian, intermediate English.

Outdated skills

Programming: C, C++.
Web technologies: HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS.
Graphics: OpenGL, SDL.
Graphical user interface: Qt.
Microcontrollers: Microchip assembler.

Employment history

Lead Software Engineer, DataMobile
December 2008 — December 2009

Lead Software Engineer, RosBusinessConsulting, Почта.Ру team
October 2007 — October 2008

  • Implemented new features.
  • Designed and implemented some major optimizations and architecture improvements.
  • Implemented new highly optimized kernel for webmail.

Lead programmer, GammaGroup
February 2007 — September 2007

  • Greatly improved code reuse rate and projects creation time: designed and developed web site engine featuring: modules, XSL templates, XML internals & configuration.
  • Designed search system with spell correction and word forms using postgresql, tsearch2 and aspell for future project.
  • Launched some web sites: РосДорБанк, Гранитогрес, HandyBank.

Lead programmer, Perujino
May 2005 — February 2007

  • Launched distributed system for processing and storing statistics data flow: design, planning, development and testing.
  • Designed and developed some PHP extensions.
  • Developed web interfaces for data access.
  • Implemented improvements for better load balancing, continuous work and better resistibility against DDoS attacks.

Lead programmer, TGC
June 2004 — March 2005

  • Designed and developed realtime 3D-rendering system.
  • Invented and developed script system and parser with precompiling.
  • Ported from Linux to Windows and started porting to Mac OS X.

Programmer-technician, АэроЭлектроМаш
February 2004 — June 2004

  • Developed microcontroller code for defense industry.
  • Debugged and improved existing code.
  • Written technical documentation.


State University of Nature, Society and Human “Dubna”.
Analysis and management major, Programming minor. Interrupted education in 2002 due to personal reasons.

In 2005, participated in diploma work called “Laboratory-scale plants graphical modelling” for Moscow Institute of Radio electronics and Automation as an expert in computer graphics and GUI.

While studying at school, got prize places in competitions for students in mathematics and informatics.

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