Rockbox for iBasso DX90

What is Rockbox?

Rockbox is an open source firmware for digital audio and media players. It features themes, really good parametric equalizer, supports almost any PCM sound format, etc.


  • Download patched firmware and Rockbox.
  • Unpack it, copy update.img to DX90’s internal storage.
  • Unpack Rockbox zip and copy .rockbox folder to DX90’s internal storage. As a result, there should be .rockbox folder in your player’s internal storage.
    Note for Mac users: files and folders with dot before name are hidden. To see them: open Terminal (Applications/Utilities) and type:
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
    killall Finder

    To revert change YES to NO.
  • If file manager asks you about existing files, choose overwrite.
  • Safely disconnect DX90 from USB and go to Settings >> Advanced >> System update and select “OK”.
  • Wait until DX90 completes the firmware update. It will automatically reboot.
  • If you install rockbox for a first time, you’ll see boot menu. Otherwise you should turn on hold switch before boot to see it.
  • Select Mango first and go to Settings >> Advanced >> Factory Reset and select “OK”. This is to clear the /data /cache file system.
  • Enjoy both Mango and Rockbox on your DX90. Now you can safely delete update.img from DX90 storage.


  1. Download and unpack Rockbox.
  2. Copy apps folder to DX90 internal storage. When copy options appear, choose to overwrite files.
  3. Disconnect USB, turn DX90 off and on.

Rollback steps

To rollback to a stock firmware or any modded versions. Follow the same steps above using the “update.img” from the stock firmware release.

How to use dual boot menu

  1. Turn off/shutdown DX90.
  2. Put the hold switch to on position.
  3. Turn on the player.
  4. The boot selector screen menu will appear. Choose Mango(DX90’s default player) or Rockbox by touching their icons on the screen. Or you can press the prev (<<) button to select Mango and fwd (>>) button to select Rockbox.
  5. Slide down the hold button to turn it off. It will boot to the same OS without asking on next reboot unless the hold button switch is on again.


You need this steps if you updated DX90 to patched firmware and player refuses to boot with both hold switch states. Visually player hangs on DX90 welcome screen. This happens when loader can’t find it files, for example when you delete rockbox or format internal storage.

  1. Download original firmware. Unpack it and copy update.img to micro SD card’s root directory.
  2. Make sure hold switch is set to off (bottom) position.
  3. When player is turned off, press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons. You should see system recovery menu.
  4. Use side buttons (Volume Up/Down to move cursor, Power to confirm) to run “update from SD card”.
  5. Original firmware will boot. Connect your player to computer and fix internal storage contents. It should be FAT32 formatted and contain apps folder from rockbox archive.
  6. When you’re sure internal memory storage’s contents is fine, install patched firmware again.

About headwhacker’s (older) port

There are some different ports at the moment. Headwhacker made first port. Now it’s very stable and most issues are fixed, but it’s not maintained anymore.

If you want to try Headwhacker’s version, please note: it has file paths different from official port, so you should flash right firmware with right loader matching your desired RockBox port. If you want to go from Headwhacker’s port to official port, remember to flash new firmware with official rockbox boot loader.


Rockbox for DX90 binary builds.

A page about Headwhacker’s RB for DX90 port with download links.

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