This is binary builds for the official port of Rockbox for DX90. Since 2015.04.01 builds include some patches from

Please note: you need two archives: firmware with loader and Rockbox itself. Read this for detailed how to.

Firmware with Rockbox loader

Every firmware includes dual boot loader and lets you choose software to boot: Mango (stock player) or Rockbox.

L0, L1, L2 are Luker0@head-fi’s patches. Details on Github.

2016.07.16 (based on 2.5.1 + L3, by cholero@head-fi)
2016.01.15 (based on 2.4.0 + L0, by cholero@head-fi)
2016.01.15 (based on 2.4.0 stock, by cholero@head-fi)
2015.07.01 (based on 2.3.0 + L1)
2015.07.01 (based on 2.2.0 + L1)
2015.06.16 (based on 2.3.0 stock)
2015.04.17 (based on 2.2.0 + L0)
2015.03.12 (based on 2.1.8 + L0)
2015.02.15 (based on 2.1.5 + L2)


This is a build of official source code. Normal is the build without fonts. Full is the build with fonts. Extra is the build of Rockbox with some additional patches and tweaks made for DX90.

2015.06.09 (normal | full)
2015.04.02 (normal | full)
2015.04.01 (normal | full)
2015.02.15 (normal | full)

Changes log


+ Added “Debouncing” fix for touch screen (thank headfier @groovyd for original patch)


+ Added fix for crackling noise and volume falls
– Removed minor test changes


You can download fresh builds from official rockbox site, so my builds have additional patches since now.
+ Added fix for resume playback on start up
+ Added Modern UI patch: switch backlight with power button
+ Added fix for Left button
+ Added patch for Hold Switch Mode option
+ Added patch for Random Folder Advance plugin
* This build has very minor changes related to fix crackling sounds and volume fall on display power on. They are just for test, those problems will be fixed in next builds.

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